Euri Escot, Scottish terriers

Welcome to our pages. You can find here information about our Scottie kennel with many pictures, photos and pedigrees. Scottish Terriers are the best! Hope you will enjoy our sites.

Our Family is living in the hearth of Europe in the Czech Republic. We have been breeding Scottish Terriers since 1987. Scotties mean so much in our lives and life without them would be sad and empty. Every Scottie is unique character. They are very dependable, but sometimes it seems they are unconcerned. Scotty puppy is not for beginners. He loves to be independent, but even though he is very sensitive and best friend for those who understand. Bevare he is not simple pet, he is family member, fellow and big individualist.

Michala Michala Michala

Just to clear up, why you can find in our pages two different kennel names. We were registered as Escot, but thanks to unification under FCI we had to change the name. We have chosen Euri-Escot. This kennel name is registered under FCI (Federation Cynologique Internationale) from 1995.

Nowadays Euri-Escot kennel (breeder Dr. Milan Stetina, Eva Stetinova and daughter Michala as handler) is proud member of STCA (Scottish Terrier Club Of America) and Terrier Breeder Club of Czech Republic. For several years we have also been members of German Scottish Terrier Club and Slovakian Terrier Club.

We are very happy and thankful to our friends that we were able to publish the article about Scotties in the Czech Republic and Euri-Escot kennel is also well-know in US Bagpiper.


Now few words about our dogs. Our first Scottie lady was Ariella Go-PRA CS. She completed as a only first Scottish Terrier hunting examination.

Two years later we bought Downtown Georgie Girl. Nice black puppy from german breeder B. Bruweleit. Even though she was nice bitch and finished International Championship and Czech Championship, ever she never liked shows. Her litter sister Ginger won BOB (Best of Breed) at the World Dog Show in Dortmund.

We kept one puppy from the first George´s litter. Her name was Escot Downtown Desireé. All the family loved Desiree. She was the One. The unforgettable Scottie and best friend you can imagine. George didn´t like the shows but her daughter became show Star. She completed International Championship, Czech, Polish and Slovakian Championship.


We imported from American breeder Polly O´Neal American Champion Belfyre Maid for Tardun Imprint. He was successful and won almost all shows he entered. He completed International Championship, Czech and Slovakian Championship and Club Winner. Majority of his descendants was also very show successful. Fancy Euri-Escot and Kincseem Euri-Escot won BIS (Best in Show) at big international shows. We exported one of his daughters to the USA. This bitch Escot Eurisco Holly finished very easy American Championship.

Belfyre Kincseem

Another American bitch Tardun Topaz Tiara was imported from Theresa Duncan in 1996. She was very successful at the shows. She completed International, Czech, Slovakian and Club Championship and Club Winner. From her first litter we exported Lord Lucan Euri-Escot to the USA. He finished in short time his American Championship. We kept from the same litter Lady Lorraine Euri-Escot. She was born to be show girl. She achieved many titles as International, Czech and Slovakian Champion, Club winner and Club Champion.

Tiara Lady Lorraine Lord Lucan

Next male is Arabella´s Voodoo. who was imported from Martina Kuhlmey, already finished Czech and Slovakian Champion and produced very promising puppies.

Next member of our clan is homebred Ramirez Euri-Escot. He already started his show career. And we believe that he will follow in steps of his successful sire and dam.


In March 2004 we imported the beautiful scottie girl Filisite Brash Korrida from Russian breeder Valentina Popova /Filisite Brash/. Korrida has grown out of the childish foolishness and became beautiful bitch with true terrier character.

In the end of March 2004 we have moved to our new house in Býšť.

Our home

In November 2004, Michala bought the new black dog Misting´s Amulet from Finnish breeder Tuula Taipale Misting’s. Armas (it is his calling name) is growing up to be a strong scottish guy, his character is calm and nowadays is gaining his first show successes.

In the autumn 2005 we imported new Scottie girl from Belgium (Kennel Verity’s, Annick and Roger Vermeiren). She exactly broke into our Scottie clan with her characteristic temperament. Enjoy our beautiful, blafl girl Enischi (in Japaneese Enishi means a kiss).


Beautiful puppies were whelped on 3rd September 2006. Dam is our friend's Pretty Polly Euri-Escot. Sire is Ramirez. We were enchanted by Wiwienn and that's why we decided to keep her. She easily became the part of our pack.

From connection of Korida and Armas the scottie lady Xaya Euri-Escot was born on 7th August 2007. She found her home at our friend in kennel Novistine.

Original Fantasy

In September 2008 we imported black scottie female Original Fantasy from kennel Stretbogi. She has a great charakteristic and filled our scottie pack.

Year 2009 was happy and sad. Kincseem and Lady Lorraine Euri-Escot, our Scottie friends, left us. Ramirez, Aisha, Zaki and Fany enjoyed the show season. They received many valuable evaluations and even titles. Zaki Euri-Escot received the most appreciated titles - Junior BIS at international show, BIS at special show and Junior BIS at club show.

At the end of the year Zaki and Mí‘a flew to New Zealand to Juscot kennel, where Zaki got his new home.


Beautiful Scottie lady Juscot Kiwi of Adventure from Juscot Judy Sargent kennel (New Zealand) came to us in 2010. During 2010 she fulfilled requirements for titles Czech Junior Champion and Club Junior Champion. Big happiness came from the offspring at their new homes and owners. Zaki fulfilled Euri-Escot Champion of New Zealand, Barbarro Euri-Escot, gained South Africa Champion, Casparino became Junior Champion of Russia and Campari became Junior Champion of Israel.

Congratulation to all and we are looking forward seeing the offspring and their owners full of joy.

Casey Casey Casey

Cento, Kiwi and Ramirez were accompanying us during 2011 show season. All of them received number of titles which make us happy.

Our breeds make joy not only to their owners but as well to us. Thank everyone for presentation and propagation of Euri-Escot kennel.

Barbarro's diplom Casparino Campari Dilleta Daymond Dreamy

I received nice and lovely scottish puppy named Wizard (Zori) from Charthill kennel to my birthday.

Cento Euri-Escot flow to Australia to new owners Chrisitne Eleanor Moore and Roy Malinder in November. We wish them nice and happy moments with this wonderful dog.

Euri Escot Euri Escot Euri Escot

We celebrated 25 years of Scottish terrier breeding in year 2012. Ramirez enjoy his 10th birthday.

Ramirez  Ramirez

He was shown in veteran class where he received 2x BIS and BIG for his „show drive“. He is still the big showman who loves shows and halls full of applauding people.

Ramirez Ramirez Ramirez
Espri  Espri

His son Espri Euri-Escot began his show careen in September. He received CAJC and we hope he will follow his father.

Charthill Wizard at Euri-Escot (ZORI). He attended several shown in young class. He reached very nice successes – 2x BIS junior and Czech junior champion. He is missing one single victory in next year to receive Czech champion title.

Wizard Wizard Wizard

Thanks to Charl and Kari for amazing darling of our family.

We wish a happy New Year to all, strong health and show successes. Thank you for representing our breed.

PF 2012

In year 2013 we were happy about the successes of our dogs Ramirez, Espri, Wizard and Kiwi. They got tituls from international and national shows and Ramirez won veteran class at World Dog Show in Budapest.

Dogs Dogs Dogs
Euri Escot

Charthill girls Charla and Kari brought who us beautiful lady Charthill Charisma in May. She is borrowed for shows as well as bride for Wizard.

Our beloved Ramirez died on 25 th July. Unfortunately he didn´t win fight with strong illness even though he was strong dog... He died in our hands... By that the great chapter of unrepeatable moments and happiness with Ramirez ended.

In the exhibition season 2014, the Scots managed to finish our champions, Czech, Slovak and Polish.

Charthill Wizard Charthill Charisma Espri Euri Escot

Espri Euri-Escot became the father of puppies „F“ a „G“.

Our breeding bitch enriched Lucky Star´s Marylin.

Lucky Star´s Marylin
Misting´s Amulet

23th February 2015 died our lovely Misting´s Amulet.

In the 15 months Lucky Star´s Marylin met titles Junior Champion Czech and Slovak.

Lucky Star´s Marylin

In the year 2015 Charthill Wizard and Espri Euri Escot fulfilled the conditions for obtaining the title Interchampion.

The exhibition season in 2016 was a success for female Lucky Star´s Marylin. She won several titles. Fulfilled conditions for C.I.B (Intenational beauty Champion).

Lucky Star´s Marylin Lucky Star´s Marylin

In 2017 we celebrated the 30th anniversary of the Scottish Terriers breeding.

Scottish Terriers breeding Scottish Terriers breeding

In January Ch. Lucky Star´s Marylin won the r.BIS title at the prestigious Champion of Champion Czech Republic.

Lucky Star´s Marylin Lucky Star´s Marylin

In September we brought a new puppy from friend Anita VanRavensway from Arkanssas. We believe we can experience a lot of joy with Warrior.

Warrior Warrior

In 2018 he began his show career LochRaven American Warrior. He has been awarded Junior Champion titles - Czech, Slovak and Hungarian. At the end of the year he was awarded the title of Slovak champion of beauty.

Warrior Warrior Warrior
Lochraven American Warrior

2019 was very successful for our breeding station. Our Lochraven American Warrior has finished the C.I.B title.The following year, we believe,that he will successfully accomplish many more championships. One of the many lovely news is, he became a father of three little beautiful girls and he started his career as a breeding male.

Her own exhibition career also started our Katrin Euri - Escot. In a short time, she has finished Czech and also Slovak junior champion. Many times this year she has won the junior group. But now she has moved to the adult group, where she shows her promising beginnings. We believe, that this standard she will hold in fallowing years.

Katrin Euri - Escot

During many exhibitions we met with lots of our old friends and build new friendships too and together we had a great time.

We are looking forward to 2020 and we want to wish you a great year.

Juscot Kiwi Adventure

The year 2020 was generally challenging thanks to Covid - 19. It was associated with quarantine and overall restrictions. There were few exhibitions. Lochraven American Warrior won the title of Czech Grand Champion. Katrin Euri-Escot finished Slovak, Czech, Hungarian Champion. She became the best KCHT female in 2010. The sad event was the death of Juscot Kiwi Adventure.

The year 2021 began with a new hope for My Be Zanny – Zan. Despite constant restrictions, we managed to win the titles Czech Junior Champion, Junior Champion KCHT and Champion of the Slovak Republic.

Lochraven American Warrior visited the Istra Summer Cup with us. Here he won the titles Slovenian Champion and Istra Winner.

Lochraven American Warrior

Our female Katrin Euri-Escot made us the most happy. She is a show showwoman and she likes to show off. In 2021 she won the title of Best Female KCHT. Continued C.I.B - International Champion of Beauty. Furthermore, Champion - Macedonia and Grand Champion, Champion Slovenie, Istra Winter, Grand Champion of Slovakia and the Czech Republic, Champion KCHT and Beauty Champion CMKU..

Warrior Warrior Warrior

This year we are already celebrating 35 years of breeding. It was our pleasure to exhibit our bitch Katrin. This year she won the titles – Polish, Serbian Champion and Polish and Serbian Grand Champion. In the eighth month, our breeding Lucifer was loaned to us. By the end of the year, we managed to win titles with him - National winner, Club winner. Champion of Serbia and Hungary and Grand Champion of Serbia.

In early 2023, Lucifer and I completed our journey together and completed more championships. Czech, Slovak and Polish champion. He has now returned home to his owner in Moscow.

Lucifer Lucifer Lucifer